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UK Public Procurement 2021 – Brexit and Tenders

You might be wondering what’s happening regards Brexit and tenders? What’s the impact on UK Public Procurement 2021? In short, not much immediately. But some interesting changes are on the cards. Brexit transition ends in 2020. On the 1st January 2021 there are some small changes to public procurement. More changes have been announced as the year progresses.

Brexit and Tenders – UK Public Procurement 2021

UK Public Procurement for 2021

The Government has issued information on public procurement post-Brexit.

These are the main issues:

Find a Tender Portal

There is new e-tender service Find a Tender. It will replace the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) in the UK for above threshold tenders. The Find a Tender service (FTS) will be in place on 1st January 2021.

UK high-value tenders will no longer be posted on TED. See Finding Tenders Post-Brexit. However, if the process was started using TED, there is a requirement for dual publishing. So, if there was a PIN published the authority is required to continue publishing on both TED and FTS. This also applies if there are any notices required under the Modification of Contracts (PCR Reg 72 and UCR Reg 88).

Tendering Guides and Useful Information on Tenders

Dealing with tenders can be very confusing. We created a series of tendering guides to help people gain a better understanding of PQQs and tenders. These guides deal with some of the most commonly asked questions and provide lots of useful information on tenders.

All of the tendering guides have recently been updated and now have the facility for printing and PDF downloads.

How to Find Tender Opportunities

How to Find Tenders for FREE

For anyone new to tendering one of the most common questions is “how do I find tenders?”. The good news is that it is easy and free to search for public sector contracts.

This guide explains how to use TED, Contracts Finder and other web-portals to search for high and low value contracts. They include Government, councils, housing associations, NHS and other public funded authorities.

Get Ready to Tender Check-list

Fit to Tender Checklist

The next most commonly asked question for companies looking to try and win tender contracts is “what do I need to do to start tendering?”.

This is why we created the fit to tender check-list:

1. What information you need to have in place

2. What documents you need

3. Other key issues like qualifying tenders – being realistic about success rates

How to Get Started with Public Sector Bidding

New and smaller businesses frequently get in touch to ask how they can get started with public sector bidding.

How to Get Started With Public Sector Tendering

Our website has a useful guide to getting ready to tender called Fit to Tender Checklist. Not only does it show what you need to start tendering, it also explains some of the barriers.

Why do Companies Tender explains the tender process. 

Understanding Public Sector Tenders shows some of the key issues in public sector bidding.

However, it can prove difficult to to get started with public sector tendering as there are some obstacles to overcome.

Barriers to Public Sector Bidding

Larger public sector tenders often require the following information

  • 2 years accounts – this proves that your company is financially stable
  • A minimum turnover – the aim is to avoid awarding a contract to a small firm that cannot take on the additional work (the new 2018 Procurement Regulations state that the contract value cap cannot not exceed 50% of company turnover)
  • Public sector client references for similar contracts – evidence that your company has successfully provided this type of work to the public sector

These can be barriers to businesses that are young or small. If you don’t have a track record of working for public sector customers, it often seems like the proverbial chicken and the egg… How can I win this contract if I don’t have any customers in the public sector?

How to Get Started With Public Sector Tendering

There are no quick fixes to be able to compete for larger contracts, but you need to start somewhere. All the solutions take time but are pretty simple:

How to Find Out Who Won the Tender

Who Won the Tender? Here is how to find out.

How to Find Out Who Won the Tender

Firstly, finding public sector tenders to bid on is pretty easy, use this guide. You then carefully qualify and choose the right tender to go for.

After you have put all the effort into a bid, finding out that you’ve lost is frustrating. Always ask for a debrief. Hopefully you will be told who won and how you fared against the competition.

You might not get this. Or maybe you did not participate in the bid but still want to know who won the tender.

Who Won the Tender?

This only works for public sector contracts that were advertised on one of the tender websites but it is very simple to find out who won a tender:

  1. Log onto the relevant website where the opportunity was advertised

    e.g. Contracts Finder, South East Business Portal, TED etc.

  2. Search for contracts awarded

    You can see which company(s) won the tender.
    Estimated contract value
    Contract duration (e.g. 2 + 2 years) so you know when it is likely to be re-tendered.

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