Free Resources on Tendering

Useful (Mostly Free!) Information and Help with Tenders

Useful Tips on Finding Public Sector Tenders FREE

Showing you how find public sector tenders FREE using TED (Tenders Electronic Daily), Contracts Finder and various free portals.

Fit To Tender Checklist

A downloadable checklist to help you identify the key issues and documents you need to address before bidding for major contacts. It includes the items you will need to respond to in a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQs) and to what to consider before tendering.

Tender Terms and Glossary

A downloadable guide to the most commonly used terms and abbreviations used in tenders. It includes those ‘confusing’ public sector tendering phrases you find in OJEU!

How to Win Tenders Blog

Blog on tendering by Tony Zemaitis. Lots of useful hints and tips, regularly updated:

Writing Company Policies

Some free online guides and resources on writing company policies – essential for PQQs and tendering.

Public Sector Tenders Information

More useful information on tendering for central & local government (councils) contracts. Also applies to other related organisations e.g. housing associations and utility companies. This includes more ways of finding tenders for free.

How to Win Public Sector Tenders

Tony Zemaitis gave his 7 Top Tips for a Successful Tender to BT’s Upload magazine.

Royalty-free Photographs

Resources for royalty-free photographs / images. These can be used in websites, sales proposals, tenders etc.

Useful Links

Useful Government and business websites.

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