Want Training on Tenders & PQQs?

In-house Tender Training Workshops

PQQ & Tender Training Courses

Learn how to respond to all types of tenders, PQQs, RFPs etc. and how to increase your success rate.

Public Sector Tender Training

Understand the OJEU, central & local Government tendering process, and how to deal with it effectively.

Tender Process Improvement

Tender training workshops to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of tendering within your organisation.

“When it comes to traversing the tricky, twisting paths of the tender process there is no better guide than Tony Zemaitis. His knowledge of the subject is unparalleled and he delivers guidance with a calm authority that is as helpful as it is pitch perfect to the needs of the client. Wholeheartedly recommended.”

Christian Mahne, Director

“As Lawtech grows, it looks to win higher-value, more complex tenders. Tony Zemaitis ran a series of four in-depth tendering workshops for our bid team to help us develop our tendering process to meet this challenge. Gaining additional points within bids is the difference between success and heroic failure – this was the key target of the workshop. Team feedback was very positive, and we’ve already seen significant progress in our PQQs and tender submissions. We look forward to working with Tony in future to continually improve our bids.”

Leigh Renak, Financial and Customer Service Director

“Zemaitis Associates is a good company to know. They have helped us to improve the way we tender for contracts and the way that we sell our services – both of which are helping Kites to grow.”

Andre Palmer, Director

“The PQQ & tender training went down very well with the team and we’ve already had our first success applying your techniques! Improved qualifying has helped us to focus on better opportunities, the bid team are now all singing off the same hymn-sheet and so we are working much smarter. If you want to improve your tendering success, I can highly recommend speaking to Zemaitis Associates about their PQQ & tender training.”

Rob Kennedy, Security Operations Manager
Medway Mediation

“The training on PQQs and tenders was excellent, and it will certainly help us to improve our bids. Highly recommended.”

Sue Holmes, CEO

Do you need to improve your team's success with tendering? Or want to win more public sector tenders? Tender training and PQQ Training will help you to master tendering best-practice. Learning how to write winning tenders & PQQs and improve your tendering process will increase your tender hit-rate.

Zemaitis Associates offers bespoke PQQ & tender training courses and tender improvement workshops. As well as learning PQQ and tendering best practice, each course includes a review to help improve your company's tendering process.

PQQ and tender training courses start from one-day sessions. They are run in-house at your premises, at times to suit you team's busy schedule and tailored to your specific needs.

Training can be extended to include detailed analysis of previous bids and PQQs (post-mortems). Gaps, areas for improvement and current best practice are highlighted. These will help you continually develop your success with tenders, PQQ and RFPs etc.

If You Need PQQ or Tender Training Call 01634 404903

Tender Short-list Presentations

Help with producing winning tender presentations and preparing your team to make a winning pitch.

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Central & Local Govt Tenders

Experts in OJEU, government, local authority / council, utility, NHS & housing association tenders.

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Hands-on Help with Tenders

Tender consultancy services from hands-on help with writing, editing and tender reviews – win that bid.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

As an MD or owner of a small or medium size business you need to be sure you are getting the best help and advice, and the best value for money.

Zemaitis Associates offers a Satisfaction Guarantee to give you that peace of mind.

Read what clients say about us: Testimonials.

Free Helpline

Once you become a client you will have access to a Free Sales / Marketing / Tendering Helpline.

Clients can call or email with questions on sales & marketing or PQQs & tenders. And advice is provided free of charge.

For more details see Free Helpline.

FREE Tendering Review

Would you like a FREE Tendering Review?

It’s free, confidential and without any obligation. The consultation can help you identify ways to improve the way you deal with tenders and PQQs.

For more details see FREE Tendering Review or call 01634 404903.

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