Tender Shortlist Presentations – Don’t Panic!

It’s great news, you are down to the last few and close to winning a contract but the prospect of making tender shortlist presentations can be daunting for non-sales people! Often, due to lack of experience, those who will be presenting feel it’s not something they can tackle with confidence. Well, don’t worry!

Successful Tender Shortlist Presentations

The important thing to remember is that in most cases, the panel who will be marking your presentation want to hear from the people who will be actually delivering the products or service. They are not normally bothered about receiving a super-slick sales pitch from the sales department. They want to see who they will be dealing with on a daily basis in order to assess their abilities, knowledge and experience. This helps the panel gain confidence that you will deliver a good service.

We’ve worked with many businesses where the directors and managers either lack experience and/or confidence in sales presentations. We’ve followed the steps shown in Shortlist Tender Presentations – Top Tips and focused on showing how the team will meet the panel’s needs. The results have been that they’ve beaten the bigger firms (with their their highly polished presentations) and won the tender or contract! So when faced with tender shortlist presentations, remember the panel will be looking to see if you can deliver, not how good a sales person you are.

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  1. I have recently come round to this fact and before I was conscious that my presentation delivery would be scored, but it’s so true that if I put salesman there it could quite possibly have an adverse effect, especially when the client starts to engage a discussion regarding the finer details of day to day operations. The salesman would probably stumble on questions that would of been answered by myself. So as long as the content of the presentation ticks the boxes for the panel, I am confident that its ok to foul up a little throughout. As long as they buy into my organisation knowledge to facilitate the contract, then it’s fine.

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