Perseverance + Learning = Tender Success

Many clients have taken a while to win a tender but they have stuck with it and gone on to be very successful in tendering. Their formula to tender success is very simple:


You cannot win every tender – a great hit rate would be 40% (that’s 60% failure!). But intelligently choosing the right opportunities (rejecting the poor ones), writing good submissions and competitive pricing helps the odds.


Rejection is painful – especially a big contract that you’ve spent a lot of time on. However, always get  feedback and see how you could have done better. Then take action to make the improvements eg processes, policies, accreditations, pricing or the offering. NB some feedback can be misleading or very subjective so use common sense when evaluating.

Tender Success

Tenders normally mean big contracts and generally big contracts don’t come easy: Perseverance + Learning = Tender Success.

(Of course this applies to so many things in life and business!)

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