Winning Tenders

In one respect winning tenders is really simple – remember you are selling!

Because large tenders are so complex (and often overwhelming) they seem more like an administrative task than a pitch for business. Therefore many lose sight that tendering is merely a very formal part of the sales process: You need to sell your company and its services or products.

Of course you need to respond to the tender in exactly the way as specified within the tender documentation. That requires good administration and attention to detail. But so many times when reviewing clients’ tender responses,  we see that they don’t sell the company properly: They don’t explain how good they are; don’t expand on how good their solution is and how it would benefit their customer.

You can read the other posts in Bid Management for more detailed information on writing styles, content and bid management.

Not wanting to oversimplify winning tenders but when responding to tenders, PQQs, RFPs etc remember to sell!

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