Procurement Consultancy. Training on Public Sector Procurement Regulations 2015. Advice on challenging tenders.

Procurement Consultancy & Training

Public Sector Procurement Regulations Experts

Procurement Consultancy

Help with the procurement of goods/services by tender – advice, documentation, evaluation & supplier selection.

Challenging Tender Decisions

Advice on challenging tender decisions for public sector tenders e.g. councils, NHS, Government, housing associations etc.

Public Procurement Advice

Experts on public sector procurement regulations for sellers and buyers.

Public Sector Procurement Training

In-house training workshops on public sector procurement regulations 2015 – UK & EU.

“Tony has worked with Whyte & Co to help fine-tune our tender process and improve our bid writing. Most recently he supported us in winning a tender which enabled us to renew one of our biggest contracts with a London Council. This is a great endorsement of the value he can add to a business.”

Paul Whyte, Partner

“As Lawtech grows, it looks to win higher-value, more complex tenders. Tony Zemaitis ran a series of four in-depth tendering workshops for our bid team to help us develop our tendering process to meet this challenge. Gaining additional points within bids is the difference between success and heroic failure – this was the key target of the workshop. Team feedback was very positive, and we’ve already seen significant progress in our PQQs and tender submissions. We look forward to working with Tony in future to continually improve our bids.”

Leigh Renak, Financial and Customer Service Director

“The tender training and evaluation feedback have proved to be highly successful! Following the training, we’ve radically changed and updated our style of writing and upgraded our whole tendering process. This has resulted in a dramatically improved hit rate on both Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and Tender Submissions across the industry sectors in which we operate (building, civil, rail). Also, I would state that the team engaged with your positive attitude and found your feedback on previous submissions to be very constructive.”

Alan Leigh, Technical & Business Development Manager

“The PQQ & tender training went down very well with the team and we’ve already had our first success applying your techniques! Improved qualifying has helped us to focus on better opportunities, the bid team are now all singing off the same hymn-sheet so we are working much smarter. If you want to improve your tendering success, I can highly recommend speaking to Zemaitis Associates about their PQQ & tender training.”

Rob Kennedy, Security Operations Manager

“The in-house training on PQQs and tenders that you delivered was excellent. Feedback from the bid team was very good. The training day helped everyone to understand tendering best practice and we’ve already put some of your suggested improvements in place.”

Zoe Wilson, Business Development Manager

Procurement Consultancy

Professional procurement consultancy will help you make the right choice for your business when tendering a contract to buy goods or services. Support starts with guidance on the tendering procurement process. This can be extended to preparing tender documentation, then evaluating bids and selecting suppliers.

Or if your bid for a public sector tender was unsuccessful, you may want to check if you have grounds to challenge a tender award. Our expertise on the public sector procurement regulations 2015 will help you understand if a tender complies or not.

Public sector procurement regulations 2015 training workshops help UK and EU public sector procurement departments ensure compliance. Ensure your future procurement and tenders will achieve value for money and minimise tender decision challenges.

With over 60 years' experience in public sector tendering, the team at Zemaitis Associates has helped many organisations with the tendering process. Including local government, EU agencies, businesses and third sector organisations.

Procurement Advice & Training

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