Writing Company Policies

At some stage of the tendering process, eg when completing a pre-qualification questionnaire (PQQ) or invitation to tender ITT, you will normally need to provide some company policies.

The safest bet is to get them professionally written – especially those which have legal implications (eg health and safety or equality policies). However, you can utilise some online guides and templates to help you create your own for free – have a look at our guide to Writing Company Policies.

We always use our specialists when writing company policies for clients. This ensures that they are specific for their business and meet all legal / other requirements. Thus improving the chances of tendering success. Nevertheless, many clients use policies that they have created themselves using on-line resources and they have qualified the PQQ and won the tender.

Without doubt company policies are not always checked in detail by the tender panel. In those cases as long as they are present then the ‘box is ticked’. There is also an increasing trend in PQQs to simply confirm that certain policies are in place and available upon request. But every now and again we hear feedback about company policies being marked down for being out of date or incomplete.

Whether you write your own or get them written by experts, do make a diary note to review them regularly and update as necessary.

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