Tender improvement consultancy: tender writing improvement, tender process improvement, get ready to tender and other tender services.

Tender Improvement Consultancy

Boost Your Success Rate

Tender Writing Improvement

Thorough review of past tender responses with feedback on areas of improvement to maximize your chances of success.

Tender Process Improvement

Improve the way your company manages the tender process – reduce wasted effort and win more bids.

Get Ready to Tender

Help and support to get your business fit to compete to tender – pass PQQs and win tenders.

Short-list Tender Presentations

Guiding your team on creating a bid-winning presentation and then how to present it to win the tender.

Whyte & Co

“Tony has worked with Whyte & Co to help fine-tune our tender process and improve our bid writing. Most recently he supported us in winning a tender which enabled us to renew one of our biggest contracts with a London Council. This is a great endorsement of the value he can add to a business.”

Paul Whyte, Partner

“As Lawtech grows, it looks to win higher-value, more complex tenders. Tony Zemaitis ran a series of four in-depth tendering workshops for our bid team to help us develop our tendering process to meet this challenge. Gaining additional points within bids is the difference between success and heroic failure – this was the key target of the workshop. Team feedback was very positive, and we’ve already seen significant progress in our PQQs and tender submissions. We look forward to working with Tony in future to continually improve our bids.”

Leigh Renak, Financial and Customer Service Director
Walker Construction (UK) Ltd

“The tender training and evaluation feedback have proved to be highly successful! Following the training, we’ve radically changed and updated our style of writing and upgraded our whole tendering process. This has resulted in a dramatically improved hit rate on both Pre-Qualification Questionnaires and Tender Submissions across the industry sectors in which we operate (building, civil, rail). Also, I would state that the team engaged with your positive attitude and found your feedback on previous submissions to be very constructive.”

Alan Leigh, Technical & Business Development Manager
Peart Access Ramps Ltd

“100% success rate! We engaged Zemaitis Associates to help us with three council tenders in quick succession. They helped us to maximise our scores and win all three contracts! I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

Colin Stead, Managing Director
Vokes Taxis Ltd

“Brilliant work! You got us through the council PQQ with very high scores and then helped us to win all 3 lots at the tender stage. If you want professional, hands-on help with winning tenders then I recommend contacting Zemaitis Associates.”

Lance Ridden, Managing Director

Tender Improvement Consultancy

Tender improvement consultancy supports Zemaitis Associates' key tender services of tender writing, tender training and social value. Thus, providing a holistic approach to cover everything you need to to improve your tenders and win ratio.

Tender Writing Improvement

Tender writing improvement is aimed at companies who are familiar with tendering but need to gain an edge. Typically, they are regularly a few marks off the winner's score and want to prepare now before the next big tender is out for grabs.

A consultant will undertake a thorough review of 1-3 past tender submissions. This involves assessing the original ITT requirements, then analysing your response. Feedback is then provided on gaps, omissions, errors and improvements. All of which will help you understand how you can improve your future tenders.

Following the review, you may decide that you need to train your team in bid writing or you might want help writing your next bid.

Tender Process Improvement

Many companies who are experienced in tendering waste a lot of time and effort on bids. The result is that they spend too much time not wining enough tenders. Apart from the need to improve the quality of their bid writing, this can be caused by several tender process problems. These include not qualifying of opportunities properly, lack of ownership or buy-in, inadequate preparation and poor planning.

Zemaitis Associates can help you identify tendering problems and support you in fixing them. This can be achieved through consultancy or a tender process improvement workshop for your team.

Get Ready to Tender

If you are new to tendering or you are not getting past the SQ/PQQ or tender stage, you may need to get your company "Fit to Tender". This might involve writing company policies or gaining formal accreditations e.g. Quality (ISO 9001), Environment (ISO 14001), Health & Safety (CHAS) etc. See the see the Fit to Tender Checklist for details on what is typically required.

Zemaitis Associates' Team of Specialists can help improve your success with SQs/PQQs and winning tenders. Professionally written company policies by experts in their field (e.g. HR, H&S, environment and quality) will ensure compliance to tender requirements. Our consultants can also support you in getting certificated and gaining important accreditations.

Short-list Tender Presentations

You have submitted a good bid. If you make a great short-list tender presentation, the contract is yours! Getting help with creating a professional tender presentation will improve the odds in your favour. Coaching your team on how to deliver the presentation will increase the likelihood of success even more.

Research has shown that many bidders who win a contract don't have the best tender score. But their presentation is so good that they get the overall highest tender score and win the bid! This is why giving a great tender shortlist presentation is so important.

Zemaitis Associates can help you make a winning pitch and create a shortlist tender presentation (e.g. PowerPoint etc.). It can help your team prepare for tender interview panels (e.g. Q&A). Then coach your presentation team on how to make great tender presentations – even if they are inexperienced in sales or presentations.

Tender Improvement Consultancy

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