7 Top Tendering Tips for a Successful Tender

I was recently asked to contribute my top tendering tips for BT’s Upload magazine on an article entitled Winning the Big Contracts.

Winning the Big Contracts from BT Upload Magazine

Top Tendering Tips

1. Be selective
Only go for the tenders you’re likely to win. Tendering is time-consuming – better to spend time searching for ‘best fits’ than waste time tendering for contracts you’ll never win.

2. Be prepared
Spend time standardising all your policies – health and safety, quality, insurances, accounts, etc. – and have them all available electronically.

3. Choose a team
Tendering is not a one-man job. Involve key players, administrators and management personnel, and consider using external ‘resources’, including consultants.

4. Assess their needs
Think about the buyer and their needs. That’s the key to a winning pitch!

5. Answer the question
Don’t fudge it – a poor answer may hold back your bid. But do be honest… you will be found out if you lie.

6. Get the facts
Keep in touch with the buyer. Ask questions if you feel you need more information.

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7. Ask for feedback
Whether you win or lose, constructive feedback will make the next bid easier.

I’m sure you could add a few more tendering tips…

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