Writing Method Statements for Tenders – Use Evidence

No matter how well you write your method statements in terms of technical capability, you still need to convince the reader that your organisation can really do the job. Good tender writing uses evidence.

Writing Method Statements for Tender Responses Using Evidence

Try and use the following methods of demonstrating:

1. Anecdotal Evidence

Show how you solved a problem or achieved the required result.

2. Targets and KPIs

If your company meets / beats its targets, show it

3. Case Studies

These can be full blown or mini case studies as appropriate

4. Testimonials

Relevant to the point you are making and ideally attributable.

5. Customer Lists

These can help but they need to be relevant – ideally the same industry

6. Images, charts, tables etc.

That substantiate your claim (if they are permitted by the tender rules).

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All of the above show the reader that you have done, and so can do, the job!

There is no absolute right or wrong in tender writing but believability is key to writing good tender submissions… that win contracts!

Any more ideas?

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