Tendering Guides and Useful Information on Tenders

Dealing with tenders can be very confusing. We created a series of tendering guides to help people gain a better understanding of PQQs and tenders. These guides deal with some of the most commonly asked questions and provide lots of useful information on tenders.

All of the tendering guides have recently been updated and now have the facility for printing and PDF downloads.

How to Find Tender Opportunities

How to Find Tenders for FREE

For anyone new to tendering one of the most common questions is “how do I find tenders?”. The good news is that it is easy and free to search for public sector contracts.

This guide explains how to use TED, Contracts Finder and other web-portals to search for high and low value contracts. They include Government, councils, housing associations, NHS and other public funded authorities.


Get Ready to Tender Check-list

Fit to Tender Checklist

The next most commonly asked question for companies looking to try and win tender contracts is “what do I need to do to start tendering?”.

This is why we created the fit to tender check-list:

1. What information you need to have in place

2. What documents you need

3. Other key issues like qualifying tenders – being realistic about success rates


Tender Jargon Buster

Tender Terminology Tendering Glossary

There are so many abbreviations, acronyms, names and phrases used in tendering. The tender jargon buster has a glossary of the main terms used in UK tenders.

You can click on a letter from the alphabet at the top and it will link directly to the relevant section. There are also links between related terms.

So if you were wondering what the difference between framework agreements and dynamic purchasing systems check out the tender jargon buster.


Writing Company Policies for Free

The Ready to Tender Check-list includes the types of company policies that you normally need when completing PQQs and tenders.

This guide on writing company policies shows you how to create professional looking policies absolutely free. These include:

1. Health and Safety

2. Quality

3. Environmental

4. Equality and Diversity


If you any help with tendering, contact us for an informal chat about winning tenders.


I get calls on a daily basis from people who are new to tendering. Often they just want a little bit of friendly advice and pointing in the right direction. Most of the time their questions relate to the topics above. Directing them to these tendering guides normally provides the information they need to get onto the right path to successful tendering.

I hope that you find them useful too.

Of course, tendering is such a complex subject and public sector tenders are constantly evolving. So please do add any comments or ideas that could improve or extend these tendering guides.

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