Shortlist Tender Presentations – 7 Top Tips

When you get short-listed to the final few in a tender you may get invited to present to a panel. Preparation is key to being successful in tender presentations:

1. Customer Requirements

Ask about the agenda: what content they want to see, who they would like to attend and how much time is available.

2. Structure

The content of your presentation must be relevant to the tender (don’t just copy the last one you did).

3. Limit Corporate Emphasis

Boring! Tell them what’s in it for them (benefits).

4. Ask Who is Attending & Why

Refer to (1). This may help you decide what to focus on & who from your team should attend.

5. Agree a Leader

Someone to control your team and be the focal point to receive and distribute questions to the right member of your team.

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6. Consider What Questions May Be Asked

What you will say? Who will answer what types of questions?

7. Rehearse

Rehearse, rehearse and rehearse! Spend time getting it right. This will help improve your confidence and so ensure that you come across in a professional manner. You don’t have to be a super-slick salesperson, in fact the panel are often more interested in the people who will deliver, but being confident will really help your chances of winning at tender presentations!

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3 thoughts on “Shortlist Tender Presentations – 7 Top Tips”

  1. As always some great tips. My additions/revisions would be: –
    Timing is crucial so ask how long they (the buyer)expects the presentation to be and how long for questions.
    Make sure a member of the contract delivery team is there and let him/her answer appropriate questions


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