How to Find Out Who Won the Tender

Finding public sector tenders is pretty easy, use this guide.

When you have put all the effort into a bid, finding out that you’ve lost can be frustrating. Always ask for a debrief. Hopefully you will be told who won and how you fared against the competition.

You might not get this. Or maybe you did not participate in the bid but still want to know who won the tender.

This only works for public sector contracts that were advertised on one of the tender websites but it is very simple to do.

1. Log onto the relevant website where the opportunity was advertised e.g. Contracts Finder, South East Business Portal, TED etc.

2. Search for contracts awarded to find out who won.

Do add this information to your tender conversion / hit rate records. If you see that particular competitors are always winning certain types of contracts, take action: Either change your tender content and/or offering to be more competitive, or stop bidding (until you are ready to compete).

You could use this info to contact the winner and ask if you can supply them.

You may also find some useful (and often hard to get) contact names on the contract documents that might help you with future relationship building.

Sadly, there is no such system for the private sector and it doesn’t work on small non-advertised public sector purchases – you need to rely on old fashioned sales and research.

Anyone else have any other useful tips on finding out who won the tender?

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  1. Jacqueline Esin

    I am a small upcoming domiciliary care agency,struggling to get up on the market .Why are the government regulations making it difficult for me to come up and grow.

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