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Tender Process & Procurement – Tendering Process Explained

This guide to the tender process and procurement draws together many previous posts to provide a full understanding of the tendering process. Hopefully, it will help you to be more successful with your tender bids!

The Stages of the Tender Process

The tender process chart below shows the various steps that form a typical procurement process for a large contract. Smaller value contracts may be simpler.

Tender Process & Procurement - Tendering Process Explained

Form Procurement Team

The procurement team will typically involve:

  • Procurement
  • The budget holder
  • Others involved in managing the contract
  • Possibly representatives from health and safety, human resources, quality management etc.

TIP: The higher the value of the contract, the bigger the procurement team – often involving senior management. Also, the tendering process becomes more drawn out. The same applies to high-profile purchases.

For example, a very high-value contract, or one that involves contracting out for the first time, will often involve a large team (including directors). And it will have a full tender process (as shown in the chart). Conversely, smaller contracts may have a much simpler tender procurement process. You see this in the public sector. Higher value contracts must be advertised. Smaller jobs can be let via a mini-tender.

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Shortlist Tender Presentations – 8 Top Tips

When you get short-listed to the final few in a tender you may get invited to present to a panel. Preparation is key to being successful in tender presentations:

Shortlist Tender Presentations - 8 Top Tips

1. Shortlist Tender Presentations – Don’t Panic!

It’s great news, you are down to the last few and close to winning a contract. But the prospect of making tender shortlist presentations can be daunting for non-salespeople! Often, due to lack of experience, those who will be presenting feel it’s not something they can tackle with confidence. Well, don’t worry!

The important thing to remember is that in most cases, the panel who will be marking your presentation want to hear from the people who will be delivering the products or service. They are not normally bothered about receiving a super-slick sales pitch from the sales department. They want to see who they will be dealing with on a daily basis in order to assess their abilities, knowledge and experience. This helps the panel gain confidence that you will deliver a good service.

We’ve worked with many businesses where the directors and managers either lack experience and/or confidence in sales presentations. We’ve followed the steps below and focused on showing how the team will meet the panel’s needs. The results have been that they’ve beaten the bigger firms (with their highly polished presentations) and won the tender or contract! So, when faced with tender shortlist presentations, remember the panel will be looking to see how and what you can deliver, not how good a salesperson you are.

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